How Safe is the Water you Drink?

The Pure Friendly system for ‘Natural Oxygen’ Drinking Water Filters for Home and Office is the most advanced technology to date. We not only use the commonly used ion exchanged carbon filtration media but we include our patented Oxygenation and Ionization technology to provide toxin and bacteria free fresh mineral oxygenated pure water to your home

Pure Friendly Drinking Water Filters for Home and Office

Pure Friendly for Household

7-Stage Filtration, Purification and Sanitation

Fully Automated Management System

Why is Pure Friendly installed at Point of Entry?

Unwanted Substances in Our Water

Oxygenated Water makes a difference

The Ultimate in Rich Oxygen Drinking Water for Homes with our 7 Stage Patented Process

100% Environmentally Friendly

Pure Friendly is 100% Chlorine Free, Salt Free, Ozone Free, Bacteria and Toxin Free and is EPA Rated as 100% Ecology and Environmentally Friendly.
This advanced Technology has finally eliminated the need for any Chlorine Salt – or Poisonous chemicals, at the same time providing much improved protection for all individuals against ALL bacteria – A host of virus – and unhealthy water quality.
Since the mid-1970s when DBPs were first discovered in chlorinated tap water, the Environmental Protection Agency has stepped in to restrict levels of these chemicals, some of which, like trihalomethanes, have been linked to cancer, miscarriages, reproductive problems, and other diseases.
Chlorine reacts with organic matter–such as leaves and dirt, as well as sweat, oils, lotions, saliva, and urine that people introduce to form dozens of so-called disinfection byproducts, or DBPs, which can be toxic and can’t be biologically degraded in the water.
The Pure Friendly drinking water filters for home and office combined technology results in the total elimination of all algae, bacteria and a host of viruses including cryptosporidium whilst still providing the required oxidation to qualify as a stand alone 100% toxic-free fresh water sanitiser system not requiring 1 gram of chlorine, bromine, ozone or salt.

EPA Rated as 100% Ecology and Environmentally Friendly
Meets US, EC & British Health Standards

Live in Liquid Luxury with Pure Friendly

Pure Friendly technology is effective against

E.coli, Coliforms, Enterococci, Pseudomonas, Giardia, viruses, algae and chlorine resistant organisms such as Legionella and Cryptosporidium.

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